About Grand Round Table

Grand Round Table (GRT) provides innovative clinical decision support software integrated into the electronic health record. The technology allows health care providers to tap into the collective intelligence of experts who have come before them to arrive at the correct treatment plan faster on sick, diagnostically challenging patients.

Grand Round Table helps hospitals and clinics save time and money by directing care teams to appropriate solutions faster, reducing the number of unnecessary tests, ineffective treatments, and consultations that patients currently receive. Together with the changing payment models, Grand Round Table stands to help translate available medical knowledge and the organizations' own collective intelligence into shared savings by applying effective, peer-reviewed evidence for some of the costliest patients.

Why Grand Round Table

Our Philadelphia based team is committed to streamlining and reinforcing best practices in health care rather than disrupting our clients with alerts that give you more work to do. We go to great lengths to learn what works best for you!.

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