Grand Round Table is Helping Affected Communities Combat Zika Virus

Philadelphia, PA – August 15, 2016 – The Zika virus has arrived in the United States and a coordinated public health response is critical. Last week, public health officials reported that four people in the Miami area have become infected with the Zika virus. Furthermore, patients carrying the Zika virus have presented in over 30 states as a result of contracting the virus during travel to Puerto Rico or Latin America or from having sexual relations with a partner who has traveled there. The Zika virus can cause babies to be born with small heads, a condition known as microcephaly; it has also been linked to neurological disorders in adults.

Grand Round Table (GRT), a provider of clinical decision support solutions, today announced it is doing all it can to help combat the effects of Zika virus through early detection and improved care coordination. GRT’s Clinical Assistant software is currently being used at health centers in Miami-Dade to help identify patients who may be at risk.

GRT’s Clinical Assistant application, which is integrated with athenahealth’s electronic health record, allows clinicians to more efficiently conduct patient huddles to better prepare care teams for the day ahead and meet value-based care objectives for Patient Centered Medical Homes and Federally Qualified Health Centers. Practices faced with educating and identifying patients who may be at risk for the Zika virus can use Clinical Assistant to quickly:

  • Review rapidly-changed CDC guidelines around Zika diagnosis and management
  • Improve care coordination and ensure test-tracking and follow-up
  • Determine if patients live in at-risk neighborhoods or have recently traveled to Puerto Rico or Latin America
  • Identify patients who are or may be planning to become pregnant

“Everyone at GRT is committed to helping the Zika-affected communities in this country and we believe that our Clinical Assistant software which is being used on the front lines in Miami has a significant role to play in improving care coordination and identifying at-risk patients,” said Eric King, co-founder and CEO of Grand Round Table. “We see this current epidemic as part of our larger mission to help primary care providers improve healthcare communication, patient safety, and care continuity through achieving value-based care objectives.”

About Grand Round Table

Grand Round Table is a Philadelphia-based team of software engineers, data scientists, and physicians focused on streamlining and reinforcing best practices to make health care professionals’ lives less hectic. Our healthcare solutions are primarily used by primary care providers, and by one of the largest health plans in the mid-Atlantic. Grand Round Table is sponsored by Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross.

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