The Challenge with Clinical Rules

Ensuring that needed support is provided to members with chronic, high-risk conditions is a crucial priority for health plans. Unfortunately, developing and maintaining the clinical rules needed to identify these clinical populations is a nightmare:

  • Resource Intensive: Clinicians familiar with the populations cannot create rules independently. Instead, clinical rules must be translated first by engineers trained to work with cumbersome technologies.
  • Not Scalable: Teams within the organization build different clinical rules to identify the same clinical populations. It's increasingly difficult for everyone to be on the same page.

About the Knowledge Engine

The Knowledge Engine simplifies the development and management of clinical rules saving employees time while powering the coordinated progress of the organization:

  • Centralized: The Knowledge Engine provides access to the organization's rules and data in one place.
  • Simplified: Reference existing rules in the library to build new clinical rules with ease!
  • Streamlined: Clinicians can rapidly test new rules on sample data as they develop them.

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